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Categories can be used to help organize your Posts. You can assign a Category to your main menu, so when a user clicks on it they are shown all the Posts assigned to that Category.

Recommended Use: We recommend a traveler create the following starting Categories to help organize their site:

  1. Trips – All your opening trip related Posts can be added to this generic category – that is, the first post you write for each trip. Then you can place a “Featured Posts” widget in your sidebar and make it display all the “Trips” category posts, so that all the opening posts for each of your trips display together. See the sidebar to the right for an example >
  2. Trip to X - Create a category for each trip you plan to blog about. Then create all posts for one trip and assign each to that category. Then you can add that trip category name to any menu and readers can review all posts related to that one trip. See the “Sample Trip” category link in our main menu as an example.
  3. Travel Events – All your “Travel Events” like upcoming trips or any news of interest could be added to this category. When a reader clicks on “Travel Events” in your main menu, it will take them to a list of your latest upcoming trips so they can keep up with your latest adventures.

Adding a Category

(See FIG A and B)

  1. In WP-Admin, go to POSTS > CATEGORIES.
  2. Name: Under the Add New Category area, add a category by entering a name in upper/lower case in the Name field
  3. Slug: Leave this blank, it will automatically be filled in by WordPress based on the name you entered above.
  4. Parent: Leave Parent set at “None.”  If you want to create sub-categories later, this is how you would assign them to parent categories.
  5. Description: You can enter a description which will appear just above the blog roll on the new category page on your site.

Once you have created Categories, you can move on to creating some Pages and then finally to setting up the main menu.

FIG A: Setup Categories
FIG B: Completed Category Setup

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One Response to Create Categories

  1. Edwina says:

    Click the “get widget” button located on the right-hand side of the screen under the widget preview.
    Imported posts will be assigned to the default category in your blog, so
    be aware you might need to spend some time reassigning these.

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