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Now we need at least one featured Post to highlight on your home page. You also have the ability with our themes to feature a separate unique Post on each Category main page (e.g. the “home page” for a Category).  For example, you can have a Welcome Message that you feature in your home page, and for your Trips section, you can feature a separate post.

To learn more about the options you have to control the Featured Area click here >>

On this page, learn about:

Featured Area

  • The Feature Post Area is located near the top of your site page, directly under the menu.  (See Fig A & B)
  • To feature a Post on the Home Page
    • Open (edit) a Post you want to feature.
FIG A: Home Page Featured Area
FIG A: Category Page Featured Area

To Feature a Post on Your Homepage

Depending on the settings you configured for the Feature Post Area, your featured post will either show up on just your home page, or all of your other pages as well. Only the most recently updated post with this option selected will be displayed.

  1. Go to POSTS > POSTS and edit the Post you want to feature
  2. In the right column under Feature Post, check the box next to “Feature on Home Page” (See FIG C)
  3. Click UPDATE
FIG C: Set a post to feature on the home page

To Feature a Post in a Category

When you assign a post to be featured on its assigned category page, that post will be featured on the category page that the post is assigned to. Only the most recently updated post with this option selected will be displayed.

  1. Go to POSTS > POSTS and edit the Post you want to feature
  2. In the right column under Feature Post, check the box next to “Feature in Category” (See FIG D)
  3. Click UPDATE
FIG D: Set a post to feature on its assigned category page

To Feature a Post in the Featured Content Sidebar Widget

The TB Featured Content Widget will display a set number of the most recent posts that you have selected this option for.

  1. Go to POSTS > POSTS and edit the Post you want to feature
  2. In the right column under Feature Post, check the box next to “Feature in Featured Content Widget” (See FIG D)
  3. Click UPDATE
FIG E: Set a post to feature in the TB Featured Content widget

To Feature a Picture in your Featured Post

If you want a thumbnail image for your post to show up wherever you have featured it (home page, category page, blog roll or widget) you must set a specific “Featured Image” in the post.

  1. While editing the Post, go to the right column, and under the Featured Image area click SET FEATURED IMAGE.
  2. Click SELECT FILES from your computer, and select the image that you would like to feature from your computer (See FIG F)
  3. Set the image properties: Enter correct title and description, choose an alignment, choose a size. (See FIG G)
  4. Click USE AS FEATURED image.
  5. Then, if you also want to insert the image into your post, click INSERT INTO POST.
  7. Once back in the Post, click UPDATE under the Publish area to save your post.
FIG F: Select an image to feature
FIG G: Set image properties

A Few More Options

The choices for featuring a post under the Feature Post section of your post editor are very broad.  Not only can you use the options described above, but if you wanted to feature a post in all three areas, your homepage, a specific category page, and the Travel Blogger Featured Content widget, then you could.  You can also choose to display other posts in just the category and Travel Blogger Featured Content Widget.  You don’t just have to pick one option under the Feature Post controls – you can select multiple options and they will all work.




That’s it! You have finished the basic setup of your new Travel Blogger WordPress theme. Now you can feel free to experiment and customize it as you see fit. The next stage is adding content to the site. You can start by adding trip posts. See Creating Posts here.

For more on how to use the specific Features of this theme go here >>

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25 Responses to Feature a Post

  1. Kylie says:

    Hi! I’ve noticed that when I select a post to be the featured post, it also shows the same post on the home page in the normal blog. Therefore there is a double up. Is this expected?

    • admin says:

      Yes. The behavior depends on how you have configured the theme to display those “Featured Area” posts. Go under APPEARANCE > HEADER. There are controls at the bottom. If you select “Show Featured Area on Home & Category Pages Only”, but you have only set one Post to be featured on the Home Page, then that Post will show on all Category pages too. However, if you set different posts to “Feature in Category”, then those posts will be featured on their category pages. You can feature a post on a specific category by editing that Post, then selecting that option on the right. For more information see here: http://www.freetravelwebsitetemplates.com/featured-posts/

      • admin says:

        Actually, I am not sure I answered your question correctly. When you feature a Post on the Home Page, and if it is the latest Post you created, then yes, you will see both on the home page until you have other newer posts push that one down in the blogroll. The way you get around that is to back date your “featured” post so it doesn’t display in the blogroll.

  2. Is there a way to feature a video? Or embed a youtube video in the featured post?

    • admin says:

      Hi Scott, I believe you are asking if a video can be used as the “featured image” on a post, so that a screen shot of the video shows up in the blog roll? If so, we are working to add this capability to the next updated theme version (coming very soon). However, the work around for now would be to take your own screen shot of the video, save the image file, then upload it as the “featured image” of the post. You don’t have to insert the image into the post, just make it the featured image. Then you can insert the video itself into the post.

  3. Ricky says:

    Hi Sir/Madam,

    I’m currently experimenting on your theme and I just need help your guide is adding an adsense strip just right below the header. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      We don’t have adsense automatically built into our theme, so if this is something that you have set up yourself, then you may have added an ad in the wrong place, please send us a link where the problem is occurring so that we may further assist you.
      - Travel Blogger Theme Support

  4. David says:

    I have so many post, and I set up most of them to the Feature a Post on Homepage. However, I only can see the first one. HOW CAN I MAKE IT AS A SLIDESHOW ? Please give me the answer as soon as possible.

    By the way I love the theme


    • admin says:


      This theme doesn’t really support a slide show display in the header for displaying multiple featured posts. There may be a WordPress plugin that you can install that would allow for this. The best area to check for a plugin of this sort would be here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/. One idea, but would definitely cause a bit of maintenance would be to take screen shots of a preview of the post, upload those images to your media folder on your WordPress site, and then upload onto the theme a photo carousel or slideshow plugin, and then feature those images that you took of the posts in the photo carousel. I hope that this helps. I am really sorry about the serious delay in response to your question, we have been very backed up.

      - Travel Blogger Support

  5. Emily says:

    Is there a way to embed any kind of HTML in the featured post? I would like to embed the issuu magazine we currently display on our homepage.

    • admin says:

      You can try to upload a media file to the site under Media > Add New, and then when you create the featured post, you can use the link to the media file (generated and can be found under the media file settings) and insert it directly into the post. You can also upload an image and create a link to the magazine website that way too. If you go into the “HTML” view when editing the featured post, you can also add whatever html coding that you need as well, and see if it works that way. Let me know if you need more help, and I can have one of our developers take a look at this as well. Thanks!

      - Travel Blogger Support

  6. Joe says:

    featured post font on the homepage. Is there any way to change the font on the featured posts on the homepage?

    • admin says:

      In order to change the font for your site, you would need to go under Appearance > Custom Colors and Fonts. You will see at the top of the page there is an area in which you can choose which font type you would like. This affects the font for the entire site.

      - Travel Blogger Support

  7. Leon says:

    Hi. On the front page i would only want to see specific posts. not all the recent posts. Please advice what to do urgently.

  8. Hi,

    it seems that there is a problem with postmeta in wordpress 3.5.2.

    With this code in admin.php i am not able to save the options when posting an article.
    For example:
    Ticking one of the feature boxes reverts to unticked when saving an article.

    if ( !wp_verify_nonce( isset($_POST['exp_feature_noncename']), plugin_basename(__FILE__) )) {
    return $post_id;


  9. Megan says:

    Hi there, I’ve tried setting a Featured Post on my homepage, but every time I check the box and click UPDATE the changes don’t work. It simply loads the page again and the “Feature on Homepage” box is not checked. Help?

    • admin says:


      Have you updated your theme to the latest version? I am having a developer look into this. If this is still an issue, please contact us via our support page so we can better follow up with you on this. Sorry about the very delayed response.

      - FTWT.com Team

  10. Rocko says:

    Hi for some reason I cannot change any posts to become featured or un-feature them. It used to work but now it doesn’t. any idea? even though I check the boxes to display in different places in categories, it does not change anything and they either are checked as I had edited before or dont get checked and I cant use this template this way.. cam u help please?

    • admin says:


      I am having one of our developers take a look into this. Sorry for the very late response. Please contact us via our support page if you have any other issues and so we can follow up with you better on this one.

      - FTWT.com Team

  11. RobRob says:

    After the last WordPress update (3.6), I noticed the Feature Post function does not seem to be working (for me, at least). Regardless which box I check (Home Page, Widget, Category), the checkbox is cleared when I save or update the post. I’ve also tried going to older Featured Posts and clearing the checkbox, but upon save or update it returns to the previous state (checked or unchecked). The result is that I can’t change the Featured Posts on my site. Any hints?

    Thanks! And thanks again for the theme – looks awesome!

    • admin says:


      I am having one of our developers look into this. Sorry for such a late response. Please use our support page to contact us so we can follow up with you better.

      - FTWT.com Team

  12. Abdul Majid says:

    i am trying to post one of my post in feature content area.after editing the post i click on featured post area like shown in FIG A: Category Page Featured Area.But my post is not displaying in featured area.Please Help.

    • admin says:


      We have has a couple of other people with the same issue. I will have one of our developers take a look at this. Please contact us via our support page in order for us to follow up on this with you. Thank you.

      - FTWT.com Team

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