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Our custom built Featured Content Widget allows you to choose specific posts to be displayed in the widget, which you can then place in one sidebar location. Only one instance of this widget can be displayed.

Widgets can be found in the APPEARANCE > WIDGETS area and configured there.

How to Configure

  • Add the “TB Theme Featured Content” widget to a sidebar. Go to APPEARANCES > WIDGETS. Drag and drop the TB Theme Featured Content widget into any sidebar. This widget can be used in sidebars ONLY ONE TIME. You can display posts from more than one category.
  • To feature a post, edit the post you want to feature and in the Feature Post controls on the right column check the “Feature in Widget” checkbox.
  • To change the number of posts, Go to APPEARANCES > WIDGETS. Open the widget controls in the sidebar area, and enter a number of posts to display . The widget will display any number of posts you choose. Then click SAVE.
  • To change the title displayed, Go to APPEARANCES > WIDGETS. Open the widget controls in the sidebar area, and enter a title to display. The widget may be titled with any title you choose. Then click SAVE.

This widget may be added to multiple sidebars, but will only display the same set of posts that are flagged as “Feature in Widget”.

>> To learn how to setup widgets click here

Fig A: TB Featured Content Widget settings

Recommended Uses

Recommended Use: Use this widget for your “Featured Trips”

If you create a new category for each of your trips, you can organize a number of posts for that trip in the trip category. To feature the trip in the Featured Content Widget, open the first post related to your trip (your opening post for that trip) and check the Feature in Widget option. Do this for all the first posts for each trip, and you will create a list of “featured trips” in the widget.  Then add this widget to the Primary Sidebar, so a list of your favorite featured trips is always displayed in the prominent top left area of all your site pages.

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