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Featuring your latest trip location or a favorite location is a great way for you to draw attention to that post.  We have two main ways to feature content:

  1. The Featured Post Area located at the top of the page.
  2. Our custom built Featured Content Widget can be placed in your sidebar.

In the Featured Post Area at the top of your page, we have created the ability for you to feature posts across your site in a number of ways.

  1. Feature a Post on the Home Page Only – A post will be featured on the home page, but not show on any other pages of your site.
  2. Feature a Single Post on all Pages – A post will be featured on the home page and any other category and post pages, but not show on Pages, Search Pages or other kinds of WordPress content (like Tag pages).
  3. Feature Unique Posts on the Home Page and Each Category Page – A different post can be assigned to display on the home page, and one unique post for each category.
  4. Do not Feature Any Posts - You can turn off the featured post area all together.

Learn how to feature a post here >>

FIG A – Site showing a featured post in the featured post area

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FIG B – Site not showing a featured post

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FIG C – Category page showing a unique category featured post

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