Google Map Widget

Our custom built Google Map Sidebar & Post Widget allows you to pinpoint on a Google map the most recent locations that you have identified in your posts. With this widget, you can display a “global” Google map for all your trip locations in your sidebar, and display a single Google map for one location within a post.

Global Map Sidebar Widget

For each post that you have entered a geographic location or street address for, the Global Google Map Widget will display that location on a Google map in the sidebar of your site.  This feature allows your readers to see all of the places that you have visited! They can also click on a map point in your sidebar and link right over to the post it is related to. You can set the height of the map, and name the widget.

This widget can be found in the APPEARANCE > WIDGETS area and configured there.

Fig A: TB Global Google Map sidebar widget controls

To change the title displayed, go to the widget itself, add it to a sidebar, and enter a title to display. The widget may be titled with any title you choose. Then click SAVE.

To change the number of locations featured, go to the widget itself, add it to a sidebar, and enter a number of locations that you would like to feature. The widget will display any number of locations you choose. Then click SAVE.

To change the height of the map displayed, go to the widget itself, add it to a sidebar, and enter the desired height that you would like to in the “Height of Map” section.

This widget may be added to multiple sidebars.

In-Post Map

In an individual post, you can enter a geographic location like “Athens, Greece” or a street address (really any information Google can use to pin point a location) and display a map of that location within the body of the post.

To feature a location, edit the post and in the column to the right labeled “Enter Address Related to Post”, enter a valid geographic location. Next, copy and paste the short code indicated in the instructions: into the body of your post where you want the map to be displayed.  A map will appear at the bottom of your post with the featured location. This same location will now also appear in the Global Map Widget in your sidebar.

Here is an example of a map inserted into the body of a post:

Recommended Use: Use this widget to display all the stops along your trip. Create a post for each stop, and enter the geographic location for each stop in its respective post by .

>> To learn how to setup widgets click here

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71 Responses to Google Map Widget

  1. Fredrik says:

    Can I set the Google Map widget to have satellite as the default view setting? I often prefer that to the map look.


  2. Kylie says:

    This is a great theme — thank you! Just wondering if there is a way to embed the post widget into a page? i.e. I’d like to have a page showing a google map of all my posts.

    • admin says:

      That is a great idea, but not something the widget can do yet. However, we can add that to a list of feature improvements for the next update which is coming soon. Thanks!

  3. Ruud says:

    You’re theme is super! I’m using it now for a week on my Dutch Travelblog about France. But i’ve a problem with displaying the Google Map widget in the primary menubar. After installing you’re theme (1.3.2.) it has worked for a few days but is now shows only a gray area!

    Already installed a fresh gmap.js. The map in an article works fine

    brgds Ruud

    • admin says:

      Hi Ruud,

      The widget should be working, try deleting and adding the widget again. We have also put a new version of the theme out, so download it and see if that fixes it.


      • Ruud says:


        i’ve tried delating and adding but this does not work. I’ve made a fresh install form the theme 1.3.3 as described on your site for an upgrade, but it still does not work.

        Are there settings in the database, which controls the mapresults for the menu widget? And if so, where can i find them? I’ts a strange problem because it has worked fine for several days.

        By the way, with the update i’ve lost my Dutch translation. Maybe in a future update something tot care about?

        I hope you can help me with Google widget problem


        • admin says:

          Hi Ruud,

          When adding the widget, you’ll notice that the second field is where you set the number of locations to show on the map.

          So there you will be able to limit the number of results. Because of a bug in the map, you can’t display more than 11 results, so make sure to limit to 11 at the most.

          We are working to fix the limit issue.

      • Lynn terry says:

        I’m having this same issue on

        I just submitted a support message about it. I have tried both of those solutions. Just upgraded to the new theme version today – no fix…

        • admin says:

          Hi Lynn,

          There is a bug with the maps that only allows it to show 11 results at a time. So while we try to fix the issue, please change the settings in the widget to display 11 results at the most.

          Thanks and for for the inconvenience.

  4. jackie allen says:

    Hi there – I love your theme! Thank you. I’ve managed to get individual maps in my posts fine but they don’t seem to show up on the global map – it just says locations not found. I tried removing the widget and putting it back again and ticked the featured widget box against the posts – any ideas please?

  5. Martijn says:

    Hi, first I want to say that I like your template. Also the description to create a travel-website is great. Few comments:
    - I noticed that if you do not press enter after entering the address, the address is not stored.
    - is it possible to use options with [tb_google_map] e.g. [tb_google_map zoom=....] or [tb_google_map maptype=terrain]. especially the zoom would be handy in some cases.

    • admin says:

      It is not possible to use options with the Google Map widget at this time, but we may add this feature in a future update.

    • admin says:

      Reason you need to press enter is to save the post, otherwise it won’t save the address, we can work on having it as an ajax call in the future, but since most meta boxes save with the post, I believe it should be fine for now.

      As for the options, you can set height and width for now, adding the zoom and maptype are excellent suggestions and we will try to include in future updates.

      Thanks for your feedback and support

  6. Heimo Ponnath says:

    Hello, thank you for the nice widget! When I enter a normal street address it works fine. But a friend will start a sailing-tour and it will be necessary for him to enter the coordinates (longitude and latitude). Which syntax should we use?

  7. Lindsay says:

    Is there a way that I can use the short code [tb_google_map] but have the map zoomed out a bit? I’d like it to show more of the area rather that having it zoomed in so much… I read lots of forums, but nothing seems to help. I tried to update the theme, but it warned me that all my customizations made would be lost if I updated and I have made a LOT of changes so… plus I didn’t even know if that would fix the problem… any ideas/suggestions?

    • admin says:

      Hi Lindsay,

      Unfortunately there no options in the shortcode to change the zoom level, tho we are currently working to add new options which will be available in the next update. Tho since you’ve made several customizations, you might want to download the theme and manually move your customization over to the new version so you dont lose any work you’ve done and can still enjoy all the new features.

      You can edit the main javascript file that controls most of the map settings. In /scripts/gmap.js is where you want to change that. On line 48 is where you can control the zoom for single entry maps. Currently its 14, so change that until you find the one that works for you.

      Hope this helps.

      All the best,

  8. Sandrine says:

    Even your theme is cool , I always have problem with this map. I have edited the post “Bali en famille” and when I want to add the related adress Bali, it doesn’t work. It disapears each time I save my changes!

    • admin says:

      I will have one of our developers get back to you about this, sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for contacting us.
      - Travel Blogger Support

  9. allon says:

    Hi, is it possible to add gmaps to pages? I dont get the option to edit the address in pages, only on posts and I really only need the pages…

    Also, I have made changes to the code to support hebrew, if I upgrade the theme, will it overwrite my changes?

    • admin says:


      There is not a feature at this time in theme that will allow you to add gmaps to pages, but you can put a gmap in the sidebar of your page, or assign a post to a category, add that category to the top menu (like you would a page), and then assign whichever posts that you would like to that category, and that post would show up with your gmap, sort of like a page. Just an idea to get around that feature not being built into the theme at this time.

      In regards to your second question, if you edited the CSS code, then you will loose changes that you made to the CSS code when you upgrade to the newest version of the theme, but all the settings that you adapted in the theme using WordPress will be saved, and you will not loose those changes. I hope that this helps. Please contact us again if you have any other questions.

      - Travel Blogger Support.

  10. Josh says:

    Hi, Im sorry if this a simple problem that I should know of… I am new to this site building!
    My main map in the column appears grey and also I cannot get a map to appear when inserting the code into a post through the HTML editor.
    I have set locations to 11 and have entered locations in the post editor. Still no luck :(
    Any idea why this might be?
    Your help is so much appreciated! I am setting this blog up to go alongside my volunteer project in africa in 2 weeks!



    • admin says:


      If you have not posted any addresses to a map in one of your posts, then your map will remain grey in the sidebar until you have done this.

      When entering information for your map in your posts, be sure to put in a valid address for the location that you are trying to display, then copy and paste the short code for your map under the HTML tab, and not the Visual one.

      I hope that this helps, but if you are still having problems with the map widget please contact us again and I will have one of our developers get back to you about what may be happening. Thanks!

      - Travel Blogger Support

  11. mj says:

    I have added the Google map widget on the widget page. It shows up on my website, but is blank. I have entered a zip code with my post on the sidebar, I’ve deleted and re-entered the widget, I’ve reduced the number of sites to 1, but nothing seems to work. Help!!

    • admin says:

      This is probably one of the bugs that has popped up with the theme. Please refer back to the main site for updates in a week or so. Thanks!

  12. How exactly do we add the location for our blog – based on missionaries serving in Samburu, Kenya? It is currently showing “sorry, no locations found” I don’t see the place to put this location

  13. Ok, I figured it out, and it’s working! Thanks

  14. Rob says:

    I have installed the widget and it is in the primary sidebar of my page. However, when I type any address in the widget in the sidebar still appears with “Sorry, no locations found” even though I have tried a number of different solutions (eg postcodes, towns, countries).
    When I copy the shortcode into the content, the map works fine.
    I can’t understand why it won’t work, please could you help out?

    • admin says:

      We have recently come out with an updated version of our theme that has fixed many bugs we had with the last version. If you try updating to the latest version, you may not have the same problem. Please let me know if this is something that does still persist though. I am sorry about the delayed response.
      - Travel Blogger Support

  15. RobRob says:

    Is it possible to show multiple locations for a single post? (ie: Story about a business with locations in several states, etc.) If so, how would I do that and, if not, can that be added to the feature set in future upgrades, please?

    One other idea, which I’m sure you’ve thought of: Substitute uploaded images for the stock pictures in the theme. That would be pretty sweet. :)

    Thanks, and LOVE this theme!

    • admin says:

      For the Google Map Widget, it only has the capability of featuring one location per post, I will bring up the multi location feature to our theme developer, as we have been asked about this before.

      In the most recent version of the theme, you can actually sub the background image for one that you have, as with the footer and header graphics as well.

      Again, Thank you for the feed back. We appreciate it.

      - Travel Blogger Support

    • admin says:

      Under our Google Map Widget unfortunately you can only display one location per post. Multiple locations are displayed on the sidebar widget in the home page though. I think with the google map widget features that we were using there was not a capability of more then one location display in a post that was available. There very well may be a third party widget that you can install though. I would check and search through the plugins.

      - Travel Blogger Support

      PS Sorry it took so long to get back to you!

  16. Leonid says:

    I like your theme very much!
    And i like this widget GOOGLE MAP
    After I installed wordpress 3.5 on my site, it doesn’t show map at all
    What can I do?

    • admin says:


      Are you still having problems with the Google Map widget? We will need to do some testing on the Google Map Widget to see if there is a break that is happening. Sorry for the trouble. Please let me know if this is still happening, or it resolved.

      - Travel Blogger Support

  17. Annie says:


    I love your theme and I was looking forward to the map widget but it doesn’t seem to work for me. I entered location, even a general one like Canada, and it is not showing on the map widget. Help please!

    • admin says:


      Have you updated to the latest version of our theme? Our most current update has a lot of fixes in it from the previous version. If you are having trouble still, please contact us.

      - Travel Blogger Support

  18. Tom says:

    Thanks for providing these themes. Perhaps the best part is the map integration without having to use a separate plugin – so I hope you will continue to improve this widget.

    For my ‘travels’ the addresses I am using are solely latitude and longitude coordinates. When a user clicks on a map marker icon in a post, the popup displays – for example – “Current Location: 33.839659, -118.195682″. On a global map of ‘nn’ posts it displays “33.839659, -118.195682 View related post”.

    Is it possible to modify the popup to display the following?:
    In a post: “Current location: ”
    In a global map: ” View related post”
    (or even just the links to the posts without the static text)


    • admin says:


      The way that the Google Map widgets work with the theme are pretty much set, but you can make needed changes to the css, and I would definitely recommend looking into some third party plugins for the map features that you are looking for. That is the beauty of WordPress. We will certainly take the recommendations that you made into consideration though. Thanks!

      - Travel Blogger Support

  19. Hi,
    got the theme working for a few days.

    Now I have some problems, it seems to not update the postmeta table.
    I have setup an article as “featured on home page”, If I untick the option and save the page, the checkbox reverts to ticked.
    Same with the “Enter adress related to post” :
    After entering an adress and saving the field will remain empty.
    Same with the other checkboxes “feature in category”, etc.
    Settings will not be saved.

    I recently updated to WordPress 3.5.2 and I guess there are some issues with the template – right ?


    • admin says:


      Thank you for the info on where the code error seems to be for this. I will have our developer take a look at this. Please contact us via the support page for further correspondence on this issue. Thank you. Sorry about the really delayed response.

      - Team

  20. nessili says:

    I was informed that the blog was updated to the newest WordPress, and it was after that update that the location saving stopped working.

    • admin says:


      If you have updated to the latest version, please go under Appearance > Theme Options and Layout, scroll down to Travel Blogger Support and click the link for updating your google maps locations. This should fix the issue. Please let us know via our support page if this is still an issue and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you, sorry about the very late response.

      - Team

  21. Benoit says:


    Thank you for this great WP theme!
    Unfortunately, the main feature for me was the ability to track our road trip post on a map.
    Right now the map in the primary sidebar is always empty and grey event with post using obvious locations like Toronto, Canada. I am using the lates version (1.6).

    I hope you will be able to help me out so I can startto map the locations of our posts.



  22. Benoit says:


    Thank you for this great WP theme!
    Unfortunately, the main feature for me was the ability to track our road trip posts on a map.

    Right now the map in the primary sidebar is always empty and grey even with posts using obvious locations like Toronto, Canada. I am using the latest theme version (1.6).

    I hope you will be able to help me out so I can start to map the locations of our posts.



    • admin says:


      So sorry for taking so long to get back to you. If you have updated to the latest version of the theme, try going under Appearance > Theme Options and Layout and scroll down to Travel Blogger Support, click on the link to update your google maps locations and see if this fixes the issue with the maps. If you are still having problems, please contact us via our support page so we can better follow up with you on this issue. Thank you!

      - Team

  23. Daniel says:

    OK, I posted this a week ago with my URL in it but I guess it didn’t get moderated. I said:
    This has stopped working for me, since I last upgraded the theme. I can’t add locations in my posts – I type them in, and when I save and go back they’re not there – and they just don’t show up on the post. It worked for the first few entries and then stopped. I tried setting the “display number” to 11 (but of course even that is no use, who only has 11 entries?) but even that didn’t work. It’s making my page look pretty amateurish when it only has some of the locations on the map. HELP!!

    • admin says:


      Sorry for such a late response, but I wanted to let you know that if you have updated to the latest theme version, if you go under Appearance > Theme Layout and Options and scroll down to Travel Blogger Support and click on the link to update your google maps locations, this should fix this google maps widget issue.

      - Team

  24. Jason says:

    I have been using this widget for a few posts and love it. For some reason, it stopped functioning recently. I can’t seem to add new locations in my new posts anymore… only the old ones are still there. Did a patch break this? Or maybe it is because I use two sidebars now or something? Seen this before? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    • admin says:

      Hey Jason,

      If you are running the latest version of the theme try going under Appearance > Theme Layout and Options scroll all the way down to Travel Blogger Support and click on the link to update your google maps locations, this should fix the issue. If it doesn’t, please contact us again via our support page so we can better follow up with you.

      - Team

  25. Jeff says:

    I’m having the same issues as Annie… only occasionally does the google map widget actually work.

    For example, on my most recent post, I tried this:

    1-7-1 Higashishinbashi, Minato, Tokyo 105-0021, Japan

    The address cut and pasted directly from Google Maps for the Park Hotel Tokyo

    and I also simply tried:

    Tokyo, Japan

    and in both cases, after saving the post, nothing appeared on the map and when I go back to re-edit the post, the address field in the widget is empty, where on other older posts that WERE successful, the address field shows the one I entered.

    Help? :) beyond that annoyance, I really love this theme. And for full disclosure, I am up to date with both the latest WP version and the latest theme version

    • admin says:


      Under Appearance > Theme Layout and Settings, if you scroll to the bottom of the page and look under Travel Blogger Support, try clicking on the link to update your google map locations, and see if this fixes the issue. Sorry for the trouble, please contact us via our support page so we can follow up with you better on this matter.

      - Team

  26. Riskaf says:

    Hello Good evening, I am interested in trying Google Maps Widget TB, but I have a theme version 1.6, then I do the way you teach, but the results have always failed.

    what’s the solution?

    • admin says:


      Are you having issues with creating pins on the Google Maps widget, this is something we are having our developers look into, can you please contact us via our contact form about the exact issue you are having with the maps widget so we can better follow up with you? Thank you.

      - Team

  27. Dave Hornsey says:


    Thanks for a fantastic theme. My wife and I have recently completed a year long round the world trip. We blogged every day and your layout and particularly the maps integration was absolutely what we wanted.

    Now that our trip has finished, I’d like to have a large [Google] with pins from all of the places that we visited / blogged from. Is there a way to do that? Either directly with your plugin or can I extract the location data from the WordPress database and generate a Google maps file from that??

    Thanks for your help (and a great theme).


    • admin says:

      Hey Dave,

      I would need to ask one of our developers about there being a central location for the google maps location pin files to extract, if there were it would be in the ftp files for the site, so you would need to access your site’s ftp files, there are multiple ways to do this. We currently don’t offer a larger version of our google maps widget, but there are WordPress plugins that you can install and use along with the theme that would allow for a configuration like that. You can search for a plugin here: Please feel free to contact us via our support page too so we can better follow up with your questions. Thanks for using the theme!

      - Team

  28. Paul Johnson says:

    Hi, I love the theme but am having a problem with the map function.
    Until recently it functioned ok by adding the address the pin appeared on the map.
    Now no matter what I enter in the address it will not save it therefore no pin appears on the map.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • admin says:


      Can you please fill out our contact form so we can get and email to our support inbox about this and describe the map widget issue there, so we can better follow up with you and send this issue over to one of our developers? Thank you!

      - Team

  29. Merel says:

    I’ve been using your theme for my one year travel plan, and am very happy with this. I especially like the map option. It’s been working pretty good so far, and it’s displaying all the previous locations. Now I’m trying to add the location to my latest post, but it’s not working. I’ve had this problem before:
    - I enter the address in the box next to the post
    - I press enter or click Update
    - All the other parts of the post get updated, but the address disappears from the box and is not displayed on the map

    Usually I can solve this by being determined and trying a couple of times in a row, but today that doesn’t seem to help. I’ve done all the updates available and I haven’t exceeded the number of post locations I have set yet (50).

    Anyone know what I could do about this?

    Thank you very much for your help!

    • admin says:

      Hi Merel,

      Is there an error code that you are getting at all? Just trying to see if I can troubleshoot this a little better. It has been a month since you commented, is this still an issue? Please let us know by filling out our contact form and sending us an update on this, so I can send it over to one of our developers to take a better look at. Thank you!

      - Team

  30. Marika says:

    I can’t seem to get the google maps feature to work. I have tried typing in an address, zip code and the city and country. It’s not showing up. Is there something I am doing wrong?

  31. Hi
    First of all, i will than you for this super great blog. my wife and me, have so many positiv feedbacks on our around the world trip.
    only one thing what i cant fix is the problem wiith the google map widget. it say only no location found. i ihave the new version auptdated, but no chance for me to rund this widget . may you can helb me?

    • admin says:

      Hey Nico,

      Please download the latest version of the theme and update. This will fix the Google Maps issue that you are having.

      - Team

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