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Our themes allow you to create custom background and header images, or use one of a number of provided default header images, in order to make the site’s look and feel match your personal style.

In the theme admin controls, on the HEADER tab there are three areas to control what displays in your site’s header area, as well as manage the main “Featured Area” across your site. Click here to learn about Managing your Header >>

n the theme admin controls, on the BACKGROUND tab, there are two areas to control the main background image of your theme and how it displays. Click here to learn about Managing your Background >>

Managing Your Header

The following describes how to work with the Header Tab controls under APPEARANCES > TRAVEL BLOGGER THEME CONTROLS.

  • Header Image
  • Header Text
  • Header Featured Area – For information about controlling your Featured Area click here.
FIG A: Custom Header Controls

Header Image

The header image controls the image at the very top of the theme layout. You can upload a custom image, or choose to use one of the free provided header graphics, or choose to display no header image at all so your background can show through (Note: the default skins you see do not actually use a header image – they are just using one large background image to achieve that wide effect).

Preview: The preview area displays the currently loaded header graphic. If you are using one of the Theme Skins, typically this header graphic is not being used, so it may appear blank.

Upload Image: You can upload a new image at a size of 975×130 pixels and it will fit without being cropped. If you upload an image of a different proportion or size, the theme will ask you to crop it to fit the 975×130 area automatically.

Default Images: The theme comes with 7 default header graphics for you to choose from, or you can create and upload your own completely custom header graphic. These images are fully licensed for distribution with this theme.

Remove Image: This control allows you to completely remove the current header graphic, in case you want to show only the main background impage behind it.

Header Text

The header text is set by default to display your Site Title (can be found under SETTINGS > GENERAL). When displayed, this text is set to be an H1 tag in your code, which is important to know for SEO purposes, as text in H1 tags is generally considered important text on the page when Google or other search engines crawl and index your website).

Display Text: With this setting, you can hide or show your Site Title and Site Tagline text. You may want to hide it if you want to have your logo (instead of text) in the graphics of your header.

Header Featured Area

For information about controlling your Featured Area click here.


Managing Your Background

The following describes how to work with the Background Tab controls under APPEARANCES > TRAVEL BLOGGER THEME CONTROLS.

Our theme supports the use of any size background image you want to use, as well as using just a color with no background image.

FIG B: Custom Background Image Controls

Background Image

Preview: The preview area displays the currently loaded background graphic. This area will not show you exactly what your image will look like necessarily, but rather shows you what effect you are applying to it when you change the Display Options (e.g. tiling, centered, no repeat, etc…). To see what your background really looks like, save your changes and view your site normally.

Remove Image: This control allows you to completely remove the current background graphic, in the case where you only want to show a color and no image.

Restore Original Image: This will bring back the default theme skin image. The other way to get the default skin back is to go to the Theme Layout & Skins tab, click on the skin you want, and SAVE CHANGES.

Upload Image: You may upload any size background image. Once you upload your custom image, use the Display Options below to control tiling, scrolling and more. We highly recommend not using any image that is larger than 150k. Smaller is better, as your page will load faster.

Display Options

Position: You have the option to position your background image to the left, center or right side of a browser window.

Repeat: You have the option of making your background image show only once (no repeat) or tile (repeat) horizontally or vertically.

Attachment: You have the option of making your background stay in place as visitors scroll your site (fixed) or move as they scroll (scroll).

Color: You can select a background color to display behind your background image.

Feature Tour

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12 Responses to Header and Background

  1. Dan Bolas says:


    We are going through a relaunch. Is there a way of hiding the comments on the main page of the site. We get comments appearing next to the articles. This doesn’t really fill our need. It there a simple way of doing this, and if not, could you please provide me with the code to remove them from next to the article.

    Many thanks



    • admin says:

      Hi Dan,

      You can remove the comments in two ways:

      1. Method One

      Open the index.php file located in the root folder of the theme(you can also use the editor in the wordpress admin area, under Appearance > Editor, file is named “Main Index Template”.

      On line 27, where this shows: get_template_part( ‘loop’, ‘home’ );. Change to get_template_part( ‘loop’, ‘index’ );

      2. Method Two

      Open file loop-home.php in the root folder of the theme (you can aslo use the editor in the wordpress admin area)

      On line 48 where this is displayed: <div class=”col1″>, change to <div class=”col5″>. Now on line 62 thru line 65, you will remove all these lines. So where this displays:

      <div class=”col2″>
      <?php exp_get_comments($post->ID); ?>

      Hope this helps

  2. Hey guys love your theme, just a couple of quick questions.

    1. Is it possible to get a copy of the default background page as i would like to place my own images on the page instead of the 3 default pictures in the top right hand side?

    2. Is it possible to upload a picture of my logo on the top left hand side of the page where the current title of the website sits as I have a custom image i would like to pace there instead of just text?

    Thanks in advance for your help

    • admin says:


      1. We can’t give you a blank default image because it is a specialized and licensed image, but if you can create your own background image. You go to a site like istockphoto.com and purchase a background image with clouds and modify it to your liking and then put your header images and other images over this for your site.

      2. You can go into the backend of the site, and under theme options, you will find where you can upload a new header image, and it will tell you on that page how big the header image needs to be. Create a new header image with your logo and text in it, make it the same size as needed for the header upload, and then upload that image.

      Hope that this helps, please let us know if you need anything else.

      - Travel Blogger Support

  3. Mitchell says:

    Second issue seems to be tied to the fact that the theme won’t display in anything other than the Candara font, regardless of what font I use. Not sure how it is doing this since I changed the stylesheet.

    • admin says:

      We have had a couple bugs that have popped up with the theme after the latest version of WordPress that came out, we are working on this and will have some updates out in a week or so, so be sure to check back then.
      - Travel Blogger Support

  4. EJ says:


    Your theme looks great and works great in all web browsers but is there a way to adjust the height of the header of your theme? I’ve seen other themes where you can keep on adjusting the height of the header until it fits your created header and I hope you can add this feature. I’ve tried stretching the image of my header but it looks bad. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      At this time there is not a feature for stretching the header, only the column width, but I will mention this to our developers. Thanks for the feedback.
      - Travel Blogger Support

  5. Linda Bibb says:

    Hi guys, Could you please tell me how to save my changes into a child theme so I don’t lose them when you do an update?

    • admin says:

      When you update to the new version of the theme, your original settings should automatically be saved, so there is no need to save your changes into a child theme.
      - Travel Blogger Support

  6. Courtney says:

    Hi all,

    Great theme. I’ve been using it for years. The flexibility allows me to create various blogsites without coding knowledge — which I greatly appreciate.

    Currently, I have one problem. I’m not able to hide the title text. At the top of the page, I have a logo in the header image. Unfortunately, when I put in the title of the website in the customize area, it appears over the logo (despite me deactivating “display header text”).

    Do you have any suggestions how I can name the blogsite but not have it appear in the header?

    Thanks in advance!

    • admin says:


      I am sorry about the issue that you are having with the header feature. Unfortunately we are not able to support this theme like we would like to. There are certain theme features that may not work with the latest version of WordPress. Thank you and sorry for the trouble.

      - FTWT.com Team

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