Installation and Setup

When you first install our themes, they will need some basic configuration to organize and display your adventures as you like.  The following instructions guide you through one general way of configuring your new theme; however, feel free to experiment and get creative!

We have created a “Sample Trip” area of this site to give you some ideas of one way to organize a series of trip posts. You will also notice that we have placed examples of all the sidebar widgets throughout this website – which of course uses one of our themes!

Setup guide:

  1. Installation >>
  2. Setup >>
    1. General Settings
    2. Name Your Site
    3. Set Your Email
    4. Set Your Timezone
  3. Update Permalinks >>
  4. Create Categories >>
    1. Adding a Category
  5. Create Pages >>
    1. Adding an About Page
    2. Adding a Contact Page
  6. Setup Main Menu >>
    1. Add Categories
    2. Add Pages
    3. Save Menu
  7. Install Plugins >>
  8. Setup Widgets >>
  9. Feature a Post >>
  10. Create Posts >>
    1. Create a Trip Post
    2. Create a Travel Event Post

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