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Our custom built Latest Content Widget allows you to select a Category from which to display any number of latest posts (those most recently updated) in that Category. You can use more than one instance of this widget to display different categories, and in any sidebar.

This widget can be found in the APPEARANCE > WIDGETS area and configured there.

How to Configure

Refer to FIG A below…

Add the “TB Theme Latest Content” widget to a sidebar. Go to APPEARANCES > WIDGETS. Drag and drop the TB Theme Latest Content widget into any sidebar. This widget can be used in sidebars multiple times, so you can display latest posts from more than one category in your sidebars.

To make a post appear in the widget, edit or create a post and assign it to a Category assigned to the widget. The most recently saved posts in that category will appear at the top of the list in the widget.

To change the number of posts the widget displays, Go to APPEARANCES > WIDGETS. Open the widget controls in the sidebar area, and enter a number of posts to display. See FIG A. The widget will display any number of posts you choose. Then click SAVE.

To change the title displayed on the widget, Go to APPEARANCES > WIDGETS. Open the widget controls in the sidebar area, and enter a title to display. The widget may be titled with any title you choose. Then click SAVE.

>> To learn how to setup widgets click here

Fig A: TB Theme Latest Content Widget Controls


Recommended Uses

Recommended Use #1: Use this widget for your “Travel Events”

All your “Travel Events” like trip dates, trip stops, and upcoming trip info should be created as Posts and then added to a “Travel Events” category. This way, when a reader clicks on “Travel Events” in your main menu, it will take them to a list of your latest travel events so they can keep up with all your latest trip developments. Additionally, you can setup the Latest Content Widget to display the most recent events posts in your sidebar. This way all your events have high visibility.

How To Do It: Create a new Category called “Travel Events” (Go to POSTS > CATEGORIES to create a new category). Then create posts for any upcoming event like trip updates and assign each to the “Travel Events” category. Then go to APPEARANCE > WIDGETS and add a new instance of the Latest Content Widget to any Sidebar. Edit the widget title to be “Travel Events” and select to pull posts from the “Travel Events” category, then click SAVE. Now a list of your latest posts to the Travel Events category will be displayed in your sidebar.

Recommended Use #2: Use this widget to present your latest “Travel Tips” articles

Add another copy of this widget to any sidebar and title it something like “Travel Tips”. Create a new Category named “Travel Tips”. Then write articles about your best traveler’s advice and assign them to the “Travel Tips” category. Put the widget in a sidebar so that your readers can see all the latest posts you write on the subject.

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