Sample Trip Post: Day 2 – The Agora Temple

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After my bus tour yesterday I decided to visit the Agora temple today.  The Agora temple is a shining example of the amazingly preserved architecture and incredible beauty of old Roman civilization.

In ancient times The Agora temple had been used for a variety of different things.  The Agora temple contained housing quarters at one point in it’s history where important officials stayed. It was also occasionally used as a meeting place for the masses to discuss political and moral matters.  One of its other main uses was to hold public trials in which some men from the public audience would be selected as jurors in a case.  Not only is The Agora temple a place of beauty, but it has a rich history for the ancient citizens of Athens.

During my visit to The Agora temple I was able not only to see the great architecture of the Greeks and to ponder how in ancient times people were able to build such grand things with the limited tools available to them, but I was also able to go through an exhibit that contained ancient artifacts that archeologists had found when excavating the site of The Agora temple.

When I arrived in Athens, it was definitely hard to decide which place to visit first. I wanted to see temples to the Goddess, ancient Christian sites, old Roman structures of almost any kind, and learn all I could about this beautiful place.  At the end of the day I am really glad that I chose to see The Agora temple though.

Here is a map of Athens:

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