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Setting up your top and footer navigation is easy, and you do both at the same time in this step. With WordPress 3, you are able to add Categories, Pages and Links to your menus.

Recommended Use: We recommend adding three Categories and two pages to your top and footer menus so your users have clear navigation through your site. For Categories, add “Trips”, “Travel Events” and “Travel Blog”. For Pages, add “Home”, “About” and “Contact”.

Create a Menu

If you are installing WordPress and this theme for the first time, then there are no menus created yet, so start at Step 1. If you are installing this theme over an existing site, then skip to step 3 below.

  1. In the WP-Admin area, go to APPEARANCE > MENUS. By default, there are no menus created yet. (See FIG A Images 1 and 2)
  2. Enter a menu name “top menu” and click CREATE MENU. Create one more menu and name it “footer menu”. You can use any name you like, but something like “top menu” is a helpful name for the menu you plan for your top menu, and “footer menu” for the footer menu. (See FIG B)
  3. Under Theme Locations, you need to assign your new menus to the Primary and Secondary navigation menu locations. (See FIG C)
    1. Primary Navigation – Assign the “top menu” to this location by selecting “top menu” from the drop down.
    2. Secondary Navigation – Assign the “footer menu” to this location by selecting “footer menu” from the drop down.
    3. Click SAVE.
  4. Next, you can assign items to your menus…
FIG A: Create a new menu
Image 1:




Image 2:

FIG B: Main Menu created
Fig C: Add menu to theme locations


Setup Your Top Menu

You must have at least one Category or Page set up before you can add it to your menu (If you haven’t yet setup any categories, see Create Categories). Assuming you have some categories and pages ready, let’s proceed…

  1. Load your “top menu” by clicking on its tab in the menus area
  2. Scroll down to view the Categories area (See FIG D), click on VIEW ALL to make sure you are seeing all your categories.
  3. Check the Categories you want to add to your menu (like “Travel Blog”, etc…) and click ADD TO MENU.
  4. Scroll up to view the Pages area (See FIG E)
  5. Under Pages, click on VIEW ALL, and check the boxes next to each of your new Pages (e.g. “Home”, “Contact” and “Bio”)
  6. Then click ADD TO MENU.
  7. In the menu area on the right click SAVE MENU (See FIG F).
  8. Once you have added Categories and Pages and saved the menu, you can check out the front end of the site and see your top menu and footer menu’s have been updated (See FIG G)
  9. Now you know how to setup your “footer menu” as well, as it is the same process (see FIG H)
FIG D: Add categories to menu
FIG E: Add pages to menu
FIG F: Saving the menu
FIG G: Top menu configured
FIG H: Footer menu configured

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16 Responses to Setup Main Menu

  1. Cesario says:

    I just wanted to ask if there is any way I can center the different categories in the top menu so that instead of them being to the left they would be evenly spaced out.

    • admin says:

      Not in the admin controls. But you could alter the CSS if you know how. We will put this option on our list of things to add to the controls however. Good idea.

  2. Tiffany A. says:

    I downloaded this theme 2 days ago and it was working fine. Last night, the menu that runs down the left side in the WP Admin page, where I edit and make changes to the appearance–It is in place, but the entire area beside it (where I actually write the posts) has dropped down on my screen– It now starts below the menu on the left side (the page post area is still on the right side). It still appears to be functioning, but I have to toggle up, up, up and down, down, down everytime I do anything in that screen. Its a mess. Do you have any suggestions how to fix this?

  3. Hello, I put a categorie in my top menu and I would like to hava a drop down menu for this catgory.
    Is it possible. I saw that you have done it in your menu. Can you explain to me?
    Thank you in advance

    • admin says:

      When you are creating your menus (Appearance > Menus) you can create a drop down menu by nesting one page under another. You do this by dragging and dropping the pages to the right, indented from the parent page above it.

  4. OK thank you! I succeed

  5. Gene says:

    Can I add items to the left and right sidebars?

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can do this under Appearance > Widgets, and drag and drop the widgets that you want to use and configure them.
      - Travel Blogger Support

  6. Marsha says:

    Can you edit the color of the text in the side bar Menu Widget. Mine is in gold and I’d like the text to be black so it’s easier for older customers to read…

  7. Charlotte says:

    I just wondered is it possible to remove the bottom menu completely?

  8. Marika says:

    It’s not letting me add pages to my menu. I keep clicking ‘add new’ and it’s not taking me anywhere. Is there something I am not doing right?

    • admin says:


      In regards to both of your questions, please update to the latest version of the theme that we just released. If you have issues still after the update, please contact us via our support page. Thanks!

      - Team

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