General Settings

The first thing to do is go straight to the WordPress Administration area under http://yoursite/wp-admin. Then go to SETTINGS > GENERAL and complete the following configuration tasks. See FIG A.

Name Your Site

Change the default name of the site to something that you desire.  One basic example of a travel blog name may be “Sarah’s Travels.”

Set Your Email

Enter an email address you want messages from the site to be delivered to. This is not where you configure your contact form, see here for that.

Set Your Timezone

Depending on where you operate from, choose a time zone.

Save Changes and let’s go to the next step…

FIG A: General Settings



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4 Responses to Setup

  1. bhh says:

    I’m using your template and I like it alot. My only problem with it is
    a blue band going across the bottom of every page. I can’t figure out
    how to change this color to match my theme colors. Any help would be
    great. Thank you

  2. Is it possible to center my site title and tagline?
    Thank you

    • admin says:


      I would go ahead and create a custom header in which the site title and tagline are centered that you can upload. The default text is positioned automatically in the header area. I would recommend going to and getting a custom header made, this can save some time and headache for you when creating a custom header.

      - Travel Blogger Support

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