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Our theme allows you to create custom footer images or use the default ones that are preset in the theme skins. In the theme admin controls, on the FOOTER tab there are two areas to control what displays in your site’s footer area.

Fig A: Custom Footer Controls

Footer Image

The theme comes with default footer graphics that are preset for the skins, or you can create and upload your own custom header graphic. (See Fig A)

Preview: The preview area displays the currently loaded footer graphic.

Upload Image: You can upload a new image at a size of 975×130 pixels and it will fit without being cropped. If you upload an image of a different proportion or size, the theme will ask you to crop it to fit the 975×130 area automatically.

Remove Image: This control allows you to completely remove the current footer graphic, in case you want to show only the main background image or color behind it.

Footer Links

Display Credit & Extra Credit Links: How do we afford to support a free theme you ask? By asking you to help us by allowing these links to be displayed in your footer. It does take considerable time and effort for us to develop new features for you, answer your support emails, and keep our developers happy and working. Please consider leaving these links displayed so we can continue supporting this free theme for free. These links are only displayed on a few pages of your site: the home page, category pages and “pages” (not posts or other types of WordPress content like tag pages, search pages, etc…). Of course, keeping these links is completely optional and we give you the power to turn both off if you so desire.

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8 Responses to Theme Footer

  1. cga says:

    How can I remove the footer link in version 1.3.2?

    • admin says:

      If you want to remove the link to this site, you can go to APPEARANCE > EDITOR and edit the Style.css file to remove the links. If you don’t want to display the other credit links, there is an option in the APPEARANCE > FOOTER controls to turn them off or on. We do very much appreciate leaving these links in so we can continue to support this free theme, but it is up to you of course.

  2. joakim says:

    hey can i use the footer to wingdets and thanks for a good a free theme

    • admin says:

      If you are trying to put widgets into the footer area, our theme doesn’t support this, but you may be able to install a custom sidebar plugin for your site, that may allow you to add a footer area under the Appearance > Widgets area of your dashboard, and if so, then you would then be able to put widgets into the footer area of the theme. Out of the box, our theme does not support this though, so you would need to modify it yourself. Hope that this helps, if you have any other questions the please feel free to contact us again. Thanks.
      - Travel Blogger Support

  3. eric says:

    how do i remove the footer, the whole bar, not the link, just the entire bar with its menu

    • admin says:

      Did you try deleting the footer image? This may get rid of the rest of the bar. If not, then you may need to make changes to the css to get rid of the footer entirely.

  4. Francesco says:

    I have to remove the footer menu. How can I do it? Please help me!

    • admin says:


      You would need to configure the CMS coding in order to completely remove the footer.The footer is a default setting with the theme that isn’t easily removed, but the option to not display the footer links that credit the theme are under Appearance > Theme Layout and Options Settings.

      - Team

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