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Our themes offer 3 different Site-Wide Layout options that can be loaded with one click:

  1. 3 Column Layout – Left & Right Sidebars, One Column (center)
  2. 2 Column Layout – Left Sidebar, One Column (right)
  3. 2 Column Layout – Right Sidebar, One Column (left)

Each theme also offers one custom Page layout option (only for Pages, not Posts) for you to select from when creating a Page. This one is particularly useful when you want to display something large without sidebars in the way!

  1. One Column, No Sidebars

Should I use Posts or Pages? This is a common question, so we wanted to answer it here breifly.

Site-Wide Layout Options

3 Column Layout

Ideal for sites where sidebar space is at a premium. The 3 column layout displays the header menu and Featured Post Area, a left and a right sidebar, and the blog roll down the center. The sidebars are sized to allow display of a number of standard IAC ad sizes in each sidebar, and plenty of room for custom navigation menus.

FIG A: 3 Column Layout

Left Sidebar, One Column Layout

The left sidebar, one column layout displays the header menu and Featured Post Area, along with only a left side bar, and a wider single column to the right for the body of the page.

FIG B: 2 Column Layout – Left sidebar, One Column

Right Sidebar, One Column Layout

The right sidebar, one column page template displays the header menu and Featured Post Area, along with only a right side bar, and a wider single column to the left for the body of the page.

FIG C: Right Sidebar, One Column

Page Template Options

To use this Page template, create a new Page or edit an existing one. Then under the Page Attributes controls, using the Templates drop down, select “One Column, No Sidebars”. Click UPDATE to save your Page.

FIG D: Page Template controls
FIG E: One Column, No Sidebars Page Template

Do I Use Pages or Posts?

Pages are optimal in WordPress for displaying content in a specific and custom way that is unique from other pages, or can’t be done as well in the format of a Post. Pages also do not get displayed in your blog roll – perfect for things like your About Us, Contact, Support or other static content areas.

Posts are optimal in WordPress for conveying information that you want to have show up in your home page blog roll, like Travel Event announcements, new Trip Posts you want your readers to find and new blog posts or features you want to launch.

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16 Responses to Theme Layout

  1. BARBE says:

    I try to pur the Right Sidebar, One Column Layout
    just with a click and it doesn’t work , it always come back with two columns. Could you please explain to me how to do.

    Thanks a lot

    • admin says:

      Hell Barbe,

      Are you changing the layout by going under APPEARANCES > THEME LAYOUT & SKINS, or are you trying to use a Page template? The layout of the site is controlled in the former area. Go to APPEARANCES > THEME LAYOUT & SKINS and click on the two column layout you want under the “Theme Grid” area, then SAVE CHANGES at the bottom. Then view your site. You may need to hold down SHIFT+REFRESH to clear your browser’s cache in order to see the changes.

  2. Utku says:


    very nice Theme, how can i change the width of the theme or sidebars?


    • admin says:

      Hi Utku, you cannot at this time change the width of the overall layout, and the sidebars are currently fixed to two different widths depending on which layout (2 or 3 column) you use. You could edit the CSS yourself, but we have not supplied editable controls for this in the admin area. However, we will add this suggestion to the list of proposed changes and improvements to the next update. Thanks!

      • Dan says:

        Changing the overall width of the layout would be a great addition. Is it difficult to do manually until your team releases this customization?

        • admin says:

          Under Appearance > Theme Layout and skins, there is an area for you to change up the column widths and configure how the page layout looks that we added. If there is any additional feedback that you have, feel free to message us.
          - Travel Blogger Support

  3. Ulrich says:


    first thanks for this great template including the greats widgets. When you edit the functionality of setting the width, it would also be great to have an option for a flexible width of the main column, where the posts are displayed. Is this possible?

    cheers, Ulrich

    • admin says:

      Hi Ulrich, that is a good suggestion. We will look into whether or not adding that is possible in a near future update.

  4. Aussiekid says:

    Is it possible to move the comments under the post in the layout? This takes up a lot of valuable space and if not comments are made on the post, can it just not show?

    • admin says:

      Currently with the theme there are no admin controls to do this. We are coming out with a new version of our theme next week though, that allows you to remove the comments section under the admin controls. There is a manual way to remove the comments section, and this is how:

      There are two ways of accomplishing this, the simplest way is method number one, where you remove the custom blogroll template, but with this you won’t have the teasers at the bottom of the page (smaller blocks of content). Method two is a little more complex but you keep the teasers at the bottom of the page.

      1. Method One

      Open the index.php file located in the root folder of the theme(you can also use the editor in the wordpress admin area, under Appearance > Editor, file is named “Main Index Template”.

      On line 27, where this shows: get_template_part( ‘loop’, ‘home’ );. Change to get_template_part( ‘loop’, ‘index’ );

      2. Method Two

      Open file loop-home.php in the root folder of the theme (you can aslo use the editor in the wordpress admin area)

      On line 48 where this is displayed:

      , change to
      . Now on line 62 thru line 65, you will remove all these lines. So where this displays:

      < ?php exp_get_comments($post->ID); ?>

      Remove completely.

      Hope that this helps!
      - Travel Blogger Theme Support

  5. Eric says:

    I just downloaded this template. How exactly do you get rid of the ‘Calendar’ ‘Archives’ and ‘Meta’ sections of the pages?

  6. Mindy says:

    can i change the layout of each page or are the skins always site wide?

    • admin says:


      The skins for the theme are site wide. You can change page layout via adding or removing widgets to the sidebars in the pages areas and utilizing html coding, and the home page itself has a customizable look to it too. Be sure to check out our theme features in order to learn more about the theme itself, and try installing it and playing around with the look too. :)

      - Team

      PS Sorry for such a late reply.

  7. Tricia says:

    Help! I have the 3 column layout, but the 3rd column (right-hand column, or secondary column) is not accessible. I go to widgets and it is acting like I don’t have the 3 column layout. Also, in my 3rd column is Archives and I cannot get rid of it due to the layout/widget issue.

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