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Custom Sidebars

There are two custom sidebars built into our themes. Both are completely widget-ready.

  1. Primary Sidebar – This sidebar is what is displayed for the following layouts:
    1. 2 Column Layout – Left Sidebar, One Column (right)
    2. 2 Column Layout – Right Sidebar, One Column (left)
    3. 3 Column Layout – Left & Right Sidebars, One Column (center)
      1. The Primary Sidebar displays on the LEFT column
  2. Secondary Sidebar - This sidebar is displayed only when using the following layout:
    1. 3 Column Layout – Left & Right Sidebars, One Column (center)
      1. The Secondary Sidebar displays on the RIGHT column
FIG U: Custom Sidebars

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2 Responses to Theme Sidebars

  1. Vincent says:


    Is it possible to edit the width of the sidebar columns? (bigger left column, shorter tet box in the middle)

    • admin says:


      Under Appearance in your dashboard there are multiple settings you can find for tweaking the look of the theme, including easily editing column sizes. Please refer to our theme features and installation and setup instructions and tutorials on our site in order to learn more about the theme features that are offered. I apologize for such a late response.

      - Team

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