THEME UPDATE – Travel Blogger: NYC Theme v1.3 (1/20/14)

THEME UPDATE V1.3 (1/20/14)

This latest version 1.3 of the NYC theme, published has a number of key updates:

  • Supports the latest version of WordPress 3.8
  • Footer Links: Removed sponsored links in footer and its related settings
  • Footer Links: The link to the support site and the WordPress credit link in the footer are now optional with settings in the backend – users can now choose to display them or not, and they are turned OFF by default.
  • Google Maps: Fixed issue with address meta data not being saved while editing posts
  • Google Maps: Fixed issue with google maps shortcode not displaying in posts
  • Google Maps: Enhanced google maps to use wordpress’s ajax hooks
  • Fixed compatibility issues with newer versions of PHP
  • Updated compatibility message for the theme
  • Removed legacy code per “theme check plugin” recommendations

>>> DOWNLOAD V1.3 Here <<<

Theme Description

Welcome Travelers! The latest version of the Travel Blogger: NYC Theme is now available with all the latest updates and features that our Travel Blogger Theme offers. Big Apple travel bloggers will enjoy the Travel Blogger: NYC Theme’s highly customizable, very easy to use travel blog features that offers a gorgeous default skin and two color scheme change options (blue and green) with an easy one-click change.

If none of the default options work for you, then this theme will allow you to completely customize the look and feel all the way down to menu colors, font colors, font types, font sizes, custom header graphics, custom background graphics (in the top and bottom of the theme) and custom footer graphics. It boasts an easy one-click layout change to 2 or 3 column with either left or right orientation options.

You can also now easily change column sizes and widths, and can see a live preview of custom header and footer changes. This powerful NYC travelogue theme also offers built in social media controls for your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ sharing. It comes standard with custom widgets for featured posts and latest posts that can be used to group and display your trip posts easily.

To make it even more ideal for the travel lover, it comes with an awesome Google Maps widget for plotting your trip locations – just enter a location in a post, and you can display all your destinations on one global map sidebar widget, or individual locations within the posts themselves. Finally, with this theme you can easily feature posts on the home page, as well as feature a different post on each Category page. All in all the Travel Blogger: NYC theme is an extremely flexible travel theme that New York City travelers (or really anyone) can make their own!

Click here to view a demo of this theme.

Set Colors, Fonts & Images

This free travel blog theme packs many of the same powerful features you will find in similar premium themes. It is designed to allow you to completely customize how it looks, from the background images, to the headers and footers and all colors of everything in between! Make it your own, just like your trips and experiences on the road are one of a kind.

Built in Social Media

We created built in social media widgets, so your fans can follow you or share with their friends all the crazy things you did. But be careful, if you don’t want it spread around, don’t put it on the web! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (unless it’s on Facebook!).

Instant Designs

We also included 3 gorgeous instant designs for you to choose from. With a single click you can conjure up a new look and feel for your site with our default theme looks. Or as we stated before, you can upload all your own photos and choose your own colors for just about every area of the site’s layout.

Three Alternate Layouts

We made it super easy in Travel Blogger to change the number of columns and their left or right side alignment with one click. Want to have your menus on the left, or maybe the right? Need more space for sidebar widgets? You can select 2 or 3 column layouts, and position them however you like.

Map Your Travels!

We even created a totally cool mapping feature, whereby you can create posts for each of the locations you visited and have them plotted on a Google map. You can have all your trip locations displayed in the global map widget in your sidebar, or inside each post you can display a map for that specific location. See, here is beautiful Bellevue, Washington:

Feature Your Exploits

We put in powerful controls over the “Featured Post” area in the header. You can have different featured posts on the Home page, and a unique featured post on each main Category page. Or, you can show a featured post only on the home page, leaving the rest of your site clean. Or, you can turn off all featured post areas in the header – make it your way!

Built In “Latest” and “Featured” Post Sidebar Widgets

Last but not least, we added some of the most useful sidebar tools – the kind of thing you always end up finding a plugin for anyway. Now you can feature selected posts in the “Featured Posts” widget. And in our “Latest Posts” widget, you can display the top posts from any category you set it to show. You can even place more than one Latest Posts widget to show posts from many different categories in your sidebars. Pretty powerful!

Upper and Lower Background capabilites

Now you can have even more control over the theme by stetting separate backgrounds for your site or blog! This gives almost endless opportunities to explore your creative side and create stunning designs for your site or blog! Check out the background settings in the Appearance tab for more details.

It’s All Up to You!

We sincerely hope you enjoy the Travel Blogger WordPress theme, and look forward to seeing what you do with it. Send us your questions through our Contact page here on this site. Happy travel blogging!

>>>>>>>>>>>   DOWNLOAD THEME HERE <<<<<<<<<<<<<

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4 Responses to THEME UPDATE – Travel Blogger: NYC Theme v1.3 (1/20/14)

  1. Daisy says:

    I was looking at trying this NYC theme to see if I liked the look better than the one I’m using now, but your Demo link brings me to an Expedia page, not a demo! What is the correct link?

  2. Daisy says:

    I installed this theme and it messed up my WordPress dashboard and everything! Blank page! :(

    • admin says:


      Try logging into the ftp and making a change to the theme file folder, and then saving it. This will cause the theme to break, and your WordPress site will default to the regular WordPress theme. Then you can try getting the latest version of our theme and try reinstalling.

      - Travel Blogger Support

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