THEME UPDATE – TravelBlogger Version 1.7 Available as of 1/20/14


THEME UPDATE V1.7 (1/20/14)

This latest version, published 1/20/14, has a number of key updates including…

  • Supports the latest version of WordPress 3.8
  • Footer Links: Removed sponsored links in footer and its related settings
  • Footer Links: The link to the support site and the WordPress credit link in the footer are now optional with settings in the backend – users can now choose to display them or not, and they are turned OFF by default.
  • Google Maps: Fixed issue with address meta data not being saved while editing posts
  • Google Maps: Fixed issue with google maps shortcode not displaying in posts
  • Google Maps: Enhanced google maps to use wordpress’s ajax hooks
  • Fixed compatibility issues with newer versions of PHP
  • Updated compatibility message for the theme
  • Removed legacy code per “theme check plugin” recommendations

>>> DOWNLOAD V1.7 Update Here <<<

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45 Responses to THEME UPDATE – TravelBlogger Version 1.7 Available as of 1/20/14

  1. Rafael says:


    I’m a newbie to WP and started using this theme as I have a travel blog for posting some travel pictures I shot.

    I already did a lot of custom changes to some .css files, such as style.css and so on.


    1- I’m afraid of updating and losing the custom changes. Would that happen (the update overwriting style.css and other files)?

    2- This is more of a dumb question: I’m trying to add a custom Google Web Font, I edited the style.css but when displaying the site, this theme won’t let the font show up as it will be override by the font chosen through the menu “Custom Colors & Fonts”. How do I avoid that? I want to use the font “Cuprum” on my site. Any options in this menu (font-type, font-size etc.) simply override any setting I put into style.css.

    The theme is great. Thank you for helping beginners going into WP without too much trouble. :)


    • admin says:


      I would go ahead and try to update the theme to the latest version, and then try making the font changes you were trying to make again, as it may work with the latest version of the theme, since we were having a bug with the last theme in which people weren’t able to change the fonts and it was being changed to the default font. It may work ok now.

      In order to not loose your style css changes when you update, go ahead and save a backup of your existing style css. and site files to your computer, and then run the update. The update settings are automatically configured not to change any custom changes that you have already made, so your site should stay the same through the update, but just in case save a backup.

      If you need anything else, feel free to let us know.

      -Travel Blogger Support

  2. how I Can translate This In Albanian or Italian???

  3. mas says:

    do you have a .pot file? i waat to translate this theme to croatian, but i find this to hard without a .pot file or some closer instructions how to translate. tnx.

    • admin says:

      We actually do not have a .pot file for this theme, you can install a WordPress plugin though that will allow you to translate the theme, as WordPress has many option for translating software. This may be a feature that we can add to future theme versions though.

      - Travel Blogger Support

  4. Mickey says:

    Is the latest version of the theme compatible with WordPress 3.5?

  5. princess says:

    Hello guys, I really like this theme…..but i’m disappointed when i installed it, the whole background doesn’t fit…..or at least the sunset on the upper right corner would fit. :( can you please assist me with this..I am really serious about getting a perfect site. Thank you……

    Please reply ASAP

  6. princess says:

    ok! i guess i figure it out myself how! hehehe. …. nevermind for the assist! cheers!

  7. Gaynell says:

    Is there anyway that with these themes that a person could change the background page color where one writes? meaning, so its not just white.

    • admin says:

      This is not a feature that we offer at this time for the theme, but you may be able to modify the CSS to get this.

      - Travel Blogger Support

  8. matthew says:

    When enabling the 3 column layout, how do I remove the Archives and Meta widgets that appear. I do not see these assigned in the Widgets section in the backend (WordPress)

    • matthew says:

      Nevermind, when I placed a new widget in the sidebar, the Meta and Archives are no longer seen on the webpage
      Thanks Anyways. Great Theme by the way!

    • admin says:


      Are you still having this issue? There may need to be changes made to the actual css.

      - Travel Blogger Support

  9. Seb says:

    I’m using your theme for some time now. I would like to make my blog multilingual. Can you tell me what is the best plugin (if possible free). Thanks a lot!

    • admin says:


      I haven’t had to change the language of my blog before, but I would definitely recommend going through plugins to search through and see what translation plugins that you can find and are user friendly, the plugins on WordPress are rated by users as well and have support forums too, so this helps a lot.

      - Travel Blogger Support

  10. sonam says:

    “read more” doesn’t work for me. any idea?

    • admin says:

      Are you still having this issue? Have you tried installing the latest version of our theme?

  11. Craig says:

    Hi I am using this as a commercial site, and the map feature helps localize the’s great

    Google Webmaster Tools is reporting a recurring server error 500

    Any clues on how to fix that?

    • admin says:

      Hey Craig,

      have you tried reinstalling the plugin? This may need to be done in order to reset it. Sometimes with WordPress plugins this can happen.

      - Travel Blogger Support

  12. Ramalin says:

    I have this Version: 1.6 but my Google map is not working.

    • admin says:


      First off I apologize for such a late response, if you are running the latest version of the theme, which it seems you are, in your dashboard go under Appearance > Theme Layout and Options, scroll down to Travel Blogger Support, and click the link to update your google maps locations. This should fix this issue. If you are still having trouble, please contact us via our support page so we can further assist you.

      - Team

  13. Lee Shaw says:

    I’m trying to make 3 columns on a page. How can I do that?

    • admin says:


      You can change the theme layout settings under Appearance > Theme Options and Layout in the dashboard of your site. Please refer to our setup guides and features on our main site as well for installation help and setup. I apologize for such a late response.

      - Team

  14. Brad Robinson says:

    I have just installed the 1.6 version of the theme and it seems as though i have a problem with the navigation bar at the top of the page, it was there in the beginning but now it has gone, there is only 1 additional plugin which i have tried deactivating but still the problem persist’s.

    Has anyone else had a problem like this or know of a solution to the problem as i have seen it on other message boards.

    thanks for any advice.

    • admin says:


      Are you running the latest version of WordPress too? Sorry for the late response, please contact us via our support page if this is still something that isn’t working, so we can better follow up with you.

      - Team

  15. Alan says:

    Love the theme with the Google Maps but I am having trouble getting the maps to work. I followed the instructions as to put the short code in my post, entered the address on the right and then published. Address goes away and nothing in the post. Any ideas. Using v1.6

    • admin says:

      Hey Alan,

      I am very sorry for taking such a long time to get back to you, if you go under Appearance > Theme Options and Layout and scroll down to Travel Blogger Support, try clicking on the link to update your google maps locations, and this should fix the issue. Please let us know if you still have problems with this via our support page, so we can better follow up with you.

      - Team

  16. Ruud says:


    I’ve a problem with the featured posts. After updating wordpress to 3.5.2. i’ts not possible to change the boxes for the featured posts. I even cannot change the top post on the homepage (Fietsen in Parijs, ook met kids! 30-5-2013). Please can you help me where i can fixe this?

    Or can you tell me which file and which code i’ve to remove when I don’t want the feature Post on Home Page anymore?

    I hope you will be able to help me because your template works fine and i’ve received lot’s of compliments for my travelblog about France.

    Thanks a lot!

    Ruud, from the Netherlands

    • admin says:


      We are having one of our developers look into this at this time. I am very sorry about the super late response that we are giving you, we have been really backed up. Please contact us via our support page so we can better follow up with you on an individual basis. Thank you.

      - Team

  17. Hi,

    I have been using your theme for a couple of years now. However recently I have been having problems with the Google Maps widget. The in-post does not locate to the correct position and and I cannot alter the address eg. when updating post defaults back to original address.

    Additionally the Maps widget comes up with no locations available however I have a map on every post of our travels.

    Is it possible to have an update so that all of the Jetpack features work. such as picture carousel and scroll.

    I noticed you Seaward Theme has more social media icons is an update coming to include these?

  18. Jason says:

    I am having issue with a “post” saving the google map. . When i am enter the address in the post for the google map the address will not save and the map will not work in the post. This use to work on the older version of WordPress 3.5.1 then I upgrade to version WordPress 3.5.2 and now the address for google map will not save in the post. I upgrade the theme to version 1.6 but I am having the same issue. I know the address works when I enter it into good it pull up the map.

    Any suggestions?

    • admin says:

      Hello Jason,

      With the recent update of the theme, if you go under Appearance Theme Options and Layout and scroll down to Travel Blogger Support, click on the link to update your google maps locations, and this should fix the issue. Sorry for the very late response, we’ve been really backed up. If you need anything, please contact us via our support page so we can better follow up with you.

      - Team

  19. Jeannette says:


    I am having trouble with my “featured post” on the homepage. It will not update when I am trying to make a new post a featured post. If I uncheck the feature post in homepage and update the blog post it still will not take it down. I have to change the post from public to private in order to take it off.

    Anyway to fix this?


    • admin says:


      I am having one of our developers take a look at this. Sorry for such a late response, please use our support page to contact us so we can better follow up with you on this.

      - Team

  20. Jessa says:

    I have two issues.
    1. When I upgraded to the new version the promotion slider is gone. It is still showing up on my dashboard but it isn’t on the site.

    2. I can’t change the featured post on the home page. This is the biggest issue as my latest featured post is outdated and I need to change it to a new one. I’m using the newest version of wordpress.

    • admin says:


      I am not sure what you mean by the promotional slider being gone, did you check under Theme Options and Layout settings to see if this is clicked to display? We have had others with the same issue regarding the featured post. I am having one of our developers look into this, and we will hopefully have a new theme fix or version posted soon. Check back on the main site now and then to keep posted on any updates. Please feel free to use our support page in order to contact us with any other issues that you may be having, so we can better follow up with you. Thank you!

      - Team

  21. Peter says:

    When I activate “Display meta information in posts (author, time and comments)”
    Can you tell me how to remove the Author and Comments from each post?

    • admin says:


      You should be able to remove comments under the posts under Appearance > Theme Layout and Skins under the Blog Roll Content Settings. Let us know if you need anything else.


  22. Cosmin says:

    I am running the latest version of WP and I am having issues with featured posts. I am trying to check the boxes to feature a newly published post on the home page and category, but after I update it, the boxes are unchecked and the post is not featured. I even tried to uncheck the boxes of the previously featured post, but after I update, those remain checked, and this post continues to be featured. Any idea?

    • admin says:


      I understand you updates to the latest version of WP, have you also updated to the latest version of the theme? If this is still an issue for you, can you please fill out our contact form with this issue so we can better follow up with you on this? Thank you!


  23. admin says:

    ATTENTION: A Theme Update is Available as of 1/20/14 – Please visit our download page to get the latest fixes. Thank you!