10 great travel blogs you should read

Not only does TravAddict enjoy blogging, we like to read other blogs too!  We we would like to share the top 10 travel blogs that we love to read, and we think you will too!

1.  Beers and Beans
Great stories written by a photographer and a journalist currently traveling the world.  Their journalist/photography skills make this blog top-notch, and they are from San Diego just like us, so we like to tune in!

2.  Budget Travel Current Newsweek
Great fresh information about current travel news and travel tips.  This is a great blog to bookmark for those times you just want to read an interesting travel news story making headlines.

3.  Ben Groundwater, Australian Travel Writer
TravAddict knows Ben well.  Having traveled with him through Europe in the past, we love reading what he is up to.  He is one of the best travel writers we know, and his stories will inspire anyone who is thinking about packing up their life and just traveling!  His personal journey of being a budget traveler is well documented and inspiring.

4.  Tim Leffel’s Cheapest Destinations
Tim offers up to date information about travel destinations, and advice for traveling on a budget.  He is a very experienced writer who knows a lot about traveling the world.  He has great advice about cheap destinations and budget travel that is always evolving.

5.   Art of Backpacking
Travel advice, tips and stories about backpackers traveling the world.  Their main message is that traveling is all about the experience, which is why we like them so much!  They have some great posts that are interesting and moving.

6.  On your way travel
Written by a young Aussie female who travels the world and blogs about her experiences.  She is currently living in China, so right now her posts are mostly about her experiences of living in a Chinese city.  It is an interesting read, one for the bookmarks when you need a five minute break from the grind.

7.   Galding
If there is interesting travel news making headlines anywhere in the world, Galding is probably writing about it.  Galding mostly writes in a news-article style about anything and everything related to travel.  Their stories are quirky, interesting and informative.

8.  Y Travel Blog
This blog is really easy to navigate with travel stories and travel tips easy to locate.  It is a great blog that is easy to browse and access travel stories that personally interest you.

9.  The never ending voyage
Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney, are a couple who are traveling the world indefinitely.  They write interesting and informative news and budget travel tips about the places they travel to.  Their posts are very inspiring.

10.   Nomadic Matt
Matt writes great stories about his travels and provides great tips and advice for different destinations.  His blog posts are very detailed and fun to read.

For links to these blogs, please visit the TravAddict blog and you will see them all under ‘blogs we read’.

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