Basic Travel Blogging Tips

There are many steps to creating a successful travel blog, and some steps are more difficult than others. Personality is key in becoming a successful travel blogger, and your personality needs to come out through your online blog. So, the first step to creating a successful travel blog is to establish your unique persona. There are some ways to give your blog some life, the first way being using your real name on posts, throughout your website, and on social networking sites. This way, your readers are more likely to connect with you and your blog.

After establishing your blog persona, you should make sure it’s easy for readers to contact you by making your contact information easily available throughout your site. It is also helpful to give people different ways to contact you, whether it be through e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter, social networking sites keep people involved in your day. If you plan on being unable to access your computer or the internet for a period of time, let your readers know! You can use the WordPress plugin WP-ContactForm or an out of office reply on your travel email account as an auto responder to keep people from feeling ignored when they don’t get a timely response.

It is good to post unique pictures and/or videos to add variety to your posts once in a while. Pictures and videos are a good way of making your blog more interesting and colorful among the many written posts. Including yourself in some of the pictures, or voicing over videos can add a more personal touch on your posts. You can also consider breaking up a longer post into a mini-series of posts over a period of a few days.

In addition to pictures and videos, personal stories are important for relating to audiences, as long as your writing is understandable and keeps people interested. It is easy for travel blogs to become endless rants with random thoughts, which causes readers to lose interest. By by keeping your posts short and to the point and following the “upside down pyramid”, you can avoid confusion and keep readers.

Consistency is a key to travel blogging. By keeping yourself on a consistent posting schedule, you can ensure a successful travel blog in the long run. Just because you set a deadline for yourself never means you should force your writing. Instead, jot down ideas as they come to you and your posts will come together. Come up with a few different aspects of the same trip to generate more interesting content for your blog and to provide different points of view. A variety in blog posts and different takes on the same trip will give your readers a more well-rounded account of your experiences.

Communication and consistency are some keys to being a successful travel blogger. Blogging will keep you busy, and it is okay to take a break once in a while. Keep your readers informed of your absence and let them know that you will be coming back with new, interesting content after a short break. As long as you are consistent with interesting posts and maintain open communication, your readers will be consistent as well.

Anil Polat writes about all he’s learned about travel blogging on his website, Travel Blog Advice.

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